Welcome to my website!

Please enjoy your stay, Hopefully i'll be adding more content soon.

This website is a work-in-progress.

                Hello, My name is Brady and this is my webpage! I'll be putting up whatever i'm really interested in up here, Like my 'old technology' hobby, or other things i find interesting. I'm slowly getting better at this whole "website" thing, So hopefully the page will look better in the future. Right now it's a nice improvement from the last one, As i'm playing around with this new tool a friend said that it's what they used for their website.

     One thing i'm pretty excited about and am currently working on would be my car! Well, it's a minivan, It's been sitting since about 2015, and my great grandfather said I could have it a couple of months before he died. I'm getting my liscense in a couple of months and am trying to get the van driveable by then. I'm excited about it beacuse i've wanted a van for awhile, And recently i've been looking at old chrysler products, and thought their 1st and 2nd generation minivans were pretty cool, And i've got a 2nd generation! and it's the last year they made them in this body style! It's got some problems, but I can't complain, Having this car to fix gives me a goal, At least something i'm more excited about than finishing school.

      It's a 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager, with the 3.3L chrysler v6, and the a604/41TE automatic transmission, with "quad command" middle-row bucket seats and a bench seat in the back. It also has the infinity stereo system which seems to have two problems right now, Something with the amp (from what i've read, no audio only buzzing) and the cassette deck needs a new belt.

     Progress does seem slow right now, But hopefully as i get more money for parts, and get more free time (hopefully after school ends, or during spring break soon) I'll have mor time to work on the car.
      A photograph of the minivan

My computer, It too is a work-in-progess. Hopefully i can get the case 'cleaner' and some matching peripherals.

This is my computer, It's what i'm making this website on, It's a computer with several parts from 2015, But other parts from ~1998-1999. Its guts are as follows

  • CPU - i5-6600k
  • GPU - was an r9 390, but it finally died in september, haven't replaced due to the terrible GPU market right now.
  • RAM - 16 gigs of "fast enough" ram
  • SSD - a 250gb samsung SSD as a boot drive
  • HDD - a 1TB drive i use for games and other large programs
  • HDD - a 2nd 1TB drive that i use for backups, like whatever i have on my desktop, Music, movies, or programs.
  • Monitor - a Mutsubishi DiamondScan50, 1280x1024@60hz
  • Keyboard - a unicomp model M (hopefully i'll get a 'beige' one soon)
  • Mouse - some logitech gaming mouse i found at a thrift store, not a fan of RGB.
The computer's pretty nice, Hopefully i can get better parts for it, i'd love to play some of my larger games again. Or hopefully find a horizontal ATX case, or be comforatble enough to modify an old case, because I love the "horizontal-desktop with a CRT ontop" look.

Another one of my hobbies, Well, more a "subcatagory" of my "old electronics" hobby would be televisions, I've gotten many televisions since i started collecting, and it's branched off into pretty much everything I use is considered 'old'. This rear-projection TV in the middle is actually the first HD television i've had since about 2013! You can read more about my television here!

My main television 'interests' are in the ~1970s/1980's. Some 90's stuff i'm interested in, But i really love the "woodgrain box" aestheric, And i'd like to keep it in a majority of my stuff. Although i'm also into mobile phones, and would love to one day figure out how to do a sort of DIY phone that supports 4g VoLTE (because that's the only voice standard used in north america anymore, since 2g shut down in 2016 and 3g this year) and squish that thing into the case of an old StarTAC. Beacuse i'd toatally carry one of those around!

       Anyway, Thank you for visiting my site! if you'd like to contact me, feel free to e-mail me at brady115@netzero.net
If you'd like to vitis my friend's website (which actually gave me the idea to open my own), you can find it here